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How To Find The Right Wedding Photographer

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I've just written a helpful and easy to follow guide I hope will help engaged couples find a photographer that is perfect for them. Over the years I've talked with dozens and dozens of couples who gave up looking for a wedding photographer after looking everywhere with no success.

Can you relate to that? I totally get you, and I know that there are literally hundreds of photographers in any given city, and planning a wedding is already a big task as it is. You don't need any extra stress.

Take a minute to read my thoughts and insight in the guide here.  If you found it helpful please share it with anyone you know going through a similar situation because I've written this guide as a professional Montreal based wedding photographer in the industry for nearly a decade, and know this guide will save you time, energy, and potentially a bit of money. Actually, you might end up spending more money but that's probably a good thing in the end. 

Jump over here to read : How To Find The Right Wedding Photographer. 

Ice Cream Adventure Session | Katrina & LP

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It's a fact ~ a heatwave couldn't stop these two from getting tangled up. Katrina & LP travelled from their home in Brooklyn to finish up wedding preparations in advance of their upcoming party time, and the weather couldn' have been hotter. On the Brooklyn side LP is keeping it fresh at The Fader, and Katrina is uping the quality over at TED. Whoa!

Lucky for us the Parc Ave Dairy Queen was fully stocked, and we ordered a few chocolate dipped cones to make the most of the hazy, humid evening that was last Sunday, aka Montreal engagement session

These two winners are fantastic.

If you are engaged or perhaps hitting the ice cream lineup with someone you love? that's awesome! You need a record of these days. Take a minute to learn more about my adventure sessions here, or check out some previous sessions below.  

Looking back at my favourite photographs | Château Laurier Wedding Photos

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It's one thing to witness a wedding day as a photographer, but it's really special and a privilege actually to hear my clients talk about their wedding day, looking back at their image collection, and what certain photographs means to them. 

Last summer I was invited to photograph an Ottawa wedding at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, and it was a gorgeous day. Through heavy rain and sketchy weather I tried my best to keep the mood upbeat, but truly I didn't have to try to hard because Jenna and Karl weren't even a bit upset with the wet weather and danced through every bit of it. I'm super happy to share a chat Jenna and I had about her wedding day experience, and talk about the images that are the most meaningful to her, and even more importantly, why those images stand out. 

Ottawa Chapel Wedding Portrait.jpg

"When we look back at our photographs, this photo stands out to us the most. This photo captures the very first moments of our marriage and captures our glow in that moment. Whenever we look at this photo it takes us back to the small church and the beautiful hymn that was playing as our maid of honour and best man witnessed our marriage.  We remember feeling pure joy at the thought of finally being able to start our journey together."

Ottawa candid bride and groom wedding portrait.jpg

"This photo reminds us of why a wedding is so special besides the obvious reasons. It captures the genuine reactions of our family and friends coming together for us and to witness our love. All of the people in this photo shaped our relationship in one way, shape, or form and we could not have gotten married without them. It is a beautiful candid photo of all of our loved ones."

Le Chateau Laurier Ottawa, Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait.jpg

"Micheal was definitely the cause of this photo! We were very camera shy during the bride and groom portraits but he helped us relax and be ourselves. Here, Micheal got Karl to whisper sweet nothings in my ear and all I could do was laugh! It was such a memorable moment that I can still remember what Karl whispered and probably will never forget."

Le Chateau Laurier Ottawa wedding bride and groom portrait.jpg
Ottawa wedding, Candid bride and groom wedding portrait.jpg
chateau laurier wedding, bride and groom portrait.jpg

"These pictures depict our relationship perfectly. Karl and I are always laughing and goofing off and Micheal captured many photographs with us just being our genuine selves. When we look back at these photos, it reminds us to keep laughing like we did on our wedding day no matter what comes our way. "

It was fantastic to hear Jenna's thoughts about these images and portraits with her handsome man Karl, how she remembers each moment, and why these photographs have become her favourites. It's also a reminder that a single photograph is still very powerful, each one has the ability to transport us right back to special times and experiences, recent or far, and remind us of what's truly important in our lives. 

Thank you Jenna and Karl ~ it was total magic working with you. 

Leather Jacket Newlyweds | L'Auberge Saint Gabriel Montreal Wedding

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L'auberge saint gabriel wedding.jpg

The more I think about it the more it becomes clear to me. What I've always been after as a photographer are frames that capture something undeniable. Whether it's the way one person looks to another, the way one's hands affectionately and carefully hold on to the other, maybe it's an expression so transparent and honest to see, it's beautiful how obvious the intentions are. Authentic, vunerable, and real images with a vibe so direct, and at the same time quiet, and intense, you can nearly hear the whisper in your ear, asking questions, confessing secrets, wondering how did we get here? How did we manage to find each other, how could I live without you? 


Speaking of instant classics, here is one of them ~ Clara and Mike, celebrating a sweet 20 minutes of marriage during their Canadian destination wedding at L'Auberge Saint Gabriel in Montreal's Old Port. 


Instant classics. So much more coming from this one. 

Moving On Up

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Old Port Montreal Wedding Photographer Micheal Beaulieu.jpg

Hey Guys ~ Big Announcement.

It's nearly summer time in Montreal and that means being outdoors a ton more, eating outside as often as possible, and roaming the streets with thousands of others taking it all a little easier. But seriously, what's one of the best areas of the city to do hang? Old Port. Naturally, I made sure my new office was right in the middle of it. 

Clients, friends, and colleagues, I'd like to invite you all to come visit me at my new office space in Montreal's Old Port. Floor two is all ours, and it's a gorgeous and bright space. I'm super thrilled my friends at RAP Design Studio invited me to share thier space and I couldn't ask for better place to work, meet clients at, and vibe off my crazy talented office mates. 

You’re always invited, so feel free to come on down to 467 Saint-François-Xavier (office 205), Montreal, H2Y2T1, Quebec, Canada. See you there ~ 

Le Salon Richmond Montreal Wedding

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Le Salon Richmond Montreal wedding.jpg

I need that up all night kind of love,
Nothing's ever perfect, there's still a lot for us to figure out, 
but I want that don’t hold back, extraordinary type thing,
and I don't want anything less,
with you.

One frame from a recent wedding @ a gorgeous new space in Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighbourhood, Le Salon Richmond. Check them out here. It's a fairly epic space. 

A hip Grumman 78 Montreal Wedding | Alex and Manuel

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Once most known for their lime green taco truck, the St Henri restaurant Grumman 78 is now a local institution famous for incredible Mexican fusion dishes that hit the right spot every time. 

Wild decor fills the converted garage into something feeling more like an urban ranch, with a million low slung lights dangling from the ceiling, a dozen tables of all different shapes and sizes spread throughout the interior, and fantastic staff always working to create tasty surprises for guests to snack on. Think haute cuisine with the simplicity of Southern barbecue. You can feel that this is a special place, especially on a summer night. It's impossible not to be impressed by it all. 

The fried chicken, duck chilaquiles, the food was superbly executed, and the service was (and has always been) top-notch, with one of the most delightful crew's in the city. Needless to say, if you are planning a wedding and on the fence about committing to Grumman, the answer is simple, go for it (and please bring me with you).  

With that being said, Alex and Manuel... after a few hours mingling and dancing with guests - all of whom travelled hours and hours be there, excitedly moved on over to a narrow courtyard to be seating to witness the wedding ceremony. Imagine this ~ the summer sun had already long set, the only lights outside were tiny orange-glowing patio bulbs just bright enough to light up a conversation. 

Enter event planner Elyna Kudish, guaranteed to make the experience unforgetable, hand-designed a massive wall of wild foliage, palm leaves, and other fantastic green things, which were now cross lit by neon spotlights as the backdrop to Alex and Manuel's wedding ceremony. It was dramatic in all the right ways, and such a pleasure to witness the excitement in the courtyard during those moments. Everywhere you went and looked that evening the vibe was buzzing, partly thanks to the excellent mixing of Dj Zo, the bar staff, basically, and the party was off the hook. 

These images are only a tiny preview of what's on the way from this next level Grumman 78 Montreal wedding.