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Doing that dreamy, once in a lifetime sort of thing. Weddings | Elopements | Engagements

I was in search of an answer to something that was blocking me from advancing in my work for a very long time. Through Micheal, I found exactly what I needed to get past that block and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful.
— Neville Black

One on One Mentoring Session

Define, refine, grow. Take your images and business to the next level, and make your most personal, and most rewarding images yet. Making your portfolio personal, profitable, and attracting the perfect couples for your vision = living the dream. 

Everything I have learned about finding and developing my own focus, voice, ways to work with/connect with clients, and grow in business year after year will be shared. But this is not about me, this is about you.

This is a personalized workshop lasting up to 8 hrs, where we address the specific questions and needs you have to move forward as an image-maker and business person. This is a come as you are, no questions off limit, and no secrets guarded, learning environment. I cannot wait to see you build something amazing. I know you will. 

Topic may include: finding your voice/vision as a photographer, attracting and booking the clients you want, getting your work published, creating beautiful and flattering portraits with any light, workflow processing, how to create fun, natural looking portraits anywhere, anytime.