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Moving Frames ~ an interview with photographers Joel and Justyna

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If you haven't heard of these two photographers yet I bet you'll be huge fans of them and their work after this. I'm speaking with Ottawa based wedding photographers Joel and Justyna Bedford, and among many things our candid discussion explores the importance of showing their work, how they create images with movement, how to stay friendly with Google, and most importantly ~ the dynamic of working together as partners in life and business.  

I was thrilled these guys saved time to chat with me as I know many, many, photographers look up to them and will be happy to listen to them talk candidly with me. There's plenty to take away from this chat for sure. Please excuse my ramblings. 

Check out their excellent work and learn more about Joel and Justyna here:

Distinctively dreamy ~ an interview with Danijela Pruginic

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Hello hello ~ recently I had the opportunity to meet and chat with (via the internet) a fantastic Toronto based wedding photographer named Danijela Pruginic. We cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time and learn how Danijela approaches working with clients, how she creates her distinctively dreamy and alluring portraits, and how being yourself attracts the best-matched clients for her. 

I'm super happy Danijela agreed to spend some time talking with me about her process which I can now share with you. This video will likely be most interesting to photographers as there are many takeaways for the up and coming, yet our exchange is entirely candid which does keep it entertaining. 


Check out her excellent work and learn more about Danijela here: