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Leather Jacket Newlyweds | L'Auberge Saint Gabriel Montreal Wedding

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The more I think about it the more it becomes clear to me. What I've always been after as a photographer are frames that capture something undeniable. Whether it's the way one person looks to another, the way one's hands affectionately and carefully hold on to the other, maybe it's an expression so transparent and honest to see, it's beautiful how obvious the intentions are. Authentic, vunerable, and real images with a vibe so direct, and at the same time quiet, and intense, you can nearly hear the whisper in your ear, asking questions, confessing secrets, wondering how did we get here? How did we manage to find each other, how could I live without you? 


Speaking of instant classics, here is one of them ~ Clara and Mike, celebrating a sweet 20 minutes of marriage during their Canadian destination wedding at L'Auberge Saint Gabriel in Montreal's Old Port. 


Instant classics. So much more coming from this one. 

Old Port Montreal Wedding

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Montreal Destination Wedding
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These are two frames from an Old Port Montreal Wedding, moments before the clock rang in the new year, 2016. Marie-Pierre and Matthew wherever you are, thank you, and congratulations again. There will be much much more from this posted here shortly, think classic black and white, tuxedo style looks, and the kind of French Canadian elegance, I'm excited to share this one when it's ready. I met with Marie-Pierre shortly before their ceremony at the Hotel Intercontinental, and wedding reception with their closets family and friends at the excellent Cava, a private restaurant on Parc Ave.