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Ivy Lea Club Wedding | Tim & Stefanie

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Serendipity is a wonderful thing. Nearly 5 months before this day, Tim and Stefanie had not yet met. Three weeks before this day, I had not yet met them, and here they are surrounded by a very intimate gathering to celebrate their wedding. View their gorgeous Ivy Lea Club wedding photography, in Gananoque, Ontario. In a tiny church they sang, in the sun they danced, he carried her along the water. It was a beautiful day, and I feel serendipity played a huge factor in the pleasure of being invited to be there with Tim and Stefanie. While driving home late that evening, I think about why I love gatherings like this over others. What happened earlier today that made this shoot already a favourite in my mind? Space and time - such important elements, create the restrictions that forces us to make decisions often based on pure instinct. I try to create images that come from somewhere very personal, and I still have a huge crush on these images, and am so grateful for Stefanie calling me with a last minute invitation. Everything feels right. Come to where I go.

Update: This collection of images was picked up and featured at Junebug Weddings, and I am so so so happy about seeing this on my favourite wedding blog. Check out the feature by clicking this link.