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Montreal Wedding Photography - a photographer's field guide

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If we are meeting for the first time you should know that I am Micheal Beaulieu, a Montreal Montrealbased wedding and portrait photographerphotographer. I am always excited to hear from couples in the early stages of their wedding planning, looking for a photographer that gets them, understands them, and wants to help make their wedding day as amazing as it should be. I love to hear brides tell me that from their perspective there was no other photographer that even came close, and that moving forward with me as their photographer was an easy decision. 

As photographers, we are responsible for creating the images our clients bring into their homes, but there are many other things we can do along the way to help make our couples wedding days truly amazing. I am really excited about the Found Focus Field Guide I am in the process of writing. This will be a guidebook for photographers looking for rewarding ways to create images that have more purpose, are more meaningful, and are a natural extension of one's most personal vision. A vision that happens to seamlessly echo exactly with what his/her couples are emotionally and visually drawn to.

This is a field guide that will encourage photographers to break the pattern of simply following trends in photography and begin to create woks only they could create. Clear-true-vision.

Photographers can sign up here to get on the newsletter which will keep everyone up to date with the release schedule. I promise this will be good.