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Looking back at my favourite photographs | Château Laurier Wedding Photos

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It's one thing to witness a wedding day as a photographer, but it's really special and a privilege actually to hear my clients talk about their wedding day, looking back at their image collection, and what certain photographs means to them. 

Last summer I was invited to photograph an Ottawa wedding at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, and it was a gorgeous day. Through heavy rain and sketchy weather I tried my best to keep the mood upbeat, but truly I didn't have to try to hard because Jenna and Karl weren't even a bit upset with the wet weather and danced through every bit of it. I'm super happy to share a chat Jenna and I had about her wedding day experience, and talk about the images that are the most meaningful to her, and even more importantly, why those images stand out. 

Ottawa Chapel Wedding Portrait.jpg

"When we look back at our photographs, this photo stands out to us the most. This photo captures the very first moments of our marriage and captures our glow in that moment. Whenever we look at this photo it takes us back to the small church and the beautiful hymn that was playing as our maid of honour and best man witnessed our marriage.  We remember feeling pure joy at the thought of finally being able to start our journey together."

Ottawa candid bride and groom wedding portrait.jpg

"This photo reminds us of why a wedding is so special besides the obvious reasons. It captures the genuine reactions of our family and friends coming together for us and to witness our love. All of the people in this photo shaped our relationship in one way, shape, or form and we could not have gotten married without them. It is a beautiful candid photo of all of our loved ones."

Le Chateau Laurier Ottawa, Bride and Groom Wedding Portrait.jpg

"Micheal was definitely the cause of this photo! We were very camera shy during the bride and groom portraits but he helped us relax and be ourselves. Here, Micheal got Karl to whisper sweet nothings in my ear and all I could do was laugh! It was such a memorable moment that I can still remember what Karl whispered and probably will never forget."

Le Chateau Laurier Ottawa wedding bride and groom portrait.jpg
Ottawa wedding, Candid bride and groom wedding portrait.jpg
chateau laurier wedding, bride and groom portrait.jpg

"These pictures depict our relationship perfectly. Karl and I are always laughing and goofing off and Micheal captured many photographs with us just being our genuine selves. When we look back at these photos, it reminds us to keep laughing like we did on our wedding day no matter what comes our way. "

It was fantastic to hear Jenna's thoughts about these images and portraits with her handsome man Karl, how she remembers each moment, and why these photographs have become her favourites. It's also a reminder that a single photograph is still very powerful, each one has the ability to transport us right back to special times and experiences, recent or far, and remind us of what's truly important in our lives. 

Thank you Jenna and Karl ~ it was total magic working with you.