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Real, and pure, and beautiful, ... and in print.

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I'm usually scared to death to have my portrait taken even now, and I know a lot of my couples have the same fears. They worry about not being photogenic, or what if their image collection won't turn out as great as they had hoped for... etc etc... . I totally get that, and have felt the exact same way. Thankfully the way I work make those fears disappear within a minute, and my cameras become almost invisible too. It’s not a photoshoot anymore, it’s fun, and it’s over before you know it. Good news ~ my clients adore their image collection :) Very often these images are the ones they have been waiting for forever really, an image where they see themselves looking and feeling amazing, sometimes for the first time.

When it's authentic, and feels right, and all the trust is there, we're talking about making images that are real, and pure, and genuine. It's not a photoshoot to you, and it's not a job to me. This is why these images feel and look real, natural, effortless, not the staged and stiff images we've all seen way too much of. These portraits are you, and best version of you. They don't get old, (which is my worst nightmare as a photographer). Imagine a week goes by and you are holding your favourite prints from your session - the ones you can't stop looking at, the ones that made it all worth it, the one - that you can't believe is you,   what do these images of you and yours look like? What photographs mean the most to you? 

Many of my couples work in creative fields, (design, music, or are photographers themselves), and aren’t interested in investing in typical or predictable wedding photography. It’s really, really important to them to find and work with an artist with a vision and a style they just know will be a perfect fit. If your eyes keep returning to one photographer, you've probably already decided right? You feel it. There's a lot more to it than what camera he/she uses, or what destination he/she has recently shot at. Finding the perfect photographer is a very personal thing, when it's right you just feel it and know it.   

I love prints. Something you can touch, and feel, it's real. Print your photos, whatever they are, whoever took them because if you love an image you'll love that print 10x more when you can hold it in your hand, or see it framed in your apartment.


 Zofia just got her prints today, and sent this email over. 

Marc and I received your absolutely beautiful prints last night! Wow!!! The quality is unbelievable!! AMAZING!!! Also thank you SO much for the extra surprise prints, those are so so cool and so beautiful too (I know, overuse of the word "beautiful" but that's what they are). Can't wait to share this with our family. I hadn't remembered ordering the large prints, but so happy I did because they are stunning in that size!!! I could only imagine how beautiful the album will be. You are a true artist and so talented. And yes, can't wait to do a photoshoot with you again for our 25th... but maybe let's not wait till then, how about a 5 year anniversary, or maybe family portraits before that! - Zofia

ps. if you are interested in images of me and my family getting crazy like we do jump over here to check out the images Fer Jurist made for us. We 100% love them