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Hudson Adventure Session, Alanna & Dan engaged.

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Take a minute to meet Alanna & Dan. In just a short while people from all over the world will be reunited to watch Alanna and Dan celebrate their wedding day in the sunny backyard of her childhood home. From the sounds of things this is going to be epic, and I can't wait to be there for them and their closest friends and family. We shot this adventure session in locations around Montreal, and Hudson Quebec, and were lucky to have the weather on our side that day. ps You gotta love Alanna's jacket and jewellery right, aren't these two gorgeous together?

Montreal Adventure Session | Mont-Saint-Grégoire |The view from here.

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These are just a few frames from a recent Montreal adventure session at Mont-Saint-Grégoire with Ola and Gabrielle. Our slow climb to the top was fairly easy, lots of stories were exchanged along the way, and the view at the peak was timed perfectly. We arrived just as the sun was dipping behind another mountain just a few miles away. If you love that beautiful, luminous, and soft/grainy look of film you will be in luck since the majority of my adventure sessions and weddings will again be shot on film for 2016.


Emerald Lake Lodge & Lake Louise Elopement | Ashley and Scott

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I'm travelling to the Canadian Rockies again, and offering adventure session portraits around Banff, and Lake Louise at 50% reduced rate while I'm there. Gorgeous Kananaskis is in the foot hills of the Canadian Rockies, and was calling my name was last time I was close by (I also came within feet of wolf pack there).  I had flown out to meet two Australian's looking to elope in the hills, and document their journey. That was a trip I won't soon forget, and I need to do something like that all over again. That time is now, before it's too cold, before it's too much to wander those valleys and long views. I'm hoping I'll meet a few like-minded people to help make this adventure another awesome one. This is where you come in, I need you to come in ahead of time. 

If you are engaged, maybe planning or wanting to elopement in the area, maybe just want to bring your handsome new boyfriend up the mountain side looking awesome, this is the perfect chance to create the kind of images you've always wanted. I want to help make this a real experience for you. This is going to happen late November, use the box below to get in touch.

Banff wedding photographer

This session above was featured on Rock N Roll Bride last year. I can't wait to pack my bags for the next trip later this fall. Get in touch and I'll see you there! 

Montreal Adventure Session - Ibrahim and Reem

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I gave Ibrahim my camera at one point and asked him to take Reem's portrait, something they had done so many times before, (Ibrahim brought his Leica along for the session) yet this time was different. Ibrahim and his fiancée Reem (a Dubai-based Architect, and ex M.I.T. camera club darkroom manager) had flown in from Dubai to shoot their Montreal Adventure Session a short while back. They both confessed to being terribly camera shy, yet they both had an even better time than they had bet on, and really appreciated the loose and easy-going way I prefer to work. The short time we spent together that evening was full of jokes, polaroid taking, secret exposing, and other discoveries. I also had a lot of fun to say the least. 

Walk with us throughout the hot waterfront piers of Montreal's Old Port, and a grassy open parcel of land at a remote section at the city's end, at twilight. Here are a handful of images of them yet still engaged in advance of their Montreal Wedding early winter 2016. This location is still one of my favourite spots to shoot in the city, and is my own little secret spot unknown to most. 

See what all the fuss is about by checking into a few more Adventure Sessions here: 

Zofia and Marc - Montreal Engagement Session

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I can still feel the sun, I can still feel the water at my feet. How do you know what to expect? Rainy day's set us back, one after another, yet eventually we got together to make this Montreal engagement session happen, and the evening was over in just a moment. I'd love to turn around, feet the sand, hot, bright light, and shoot it all over again. The next adventure for Zofia and Marc will be their wedding day celebration later this year, which everyone in town cannot wait for.  Thank you both for being even more than excellent that night ~ see you both soon.  

Mont Saint Gregoire Adventure Session | Yidan & Marc, Engaged

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I promised Yidan & Marc Andre some beautiful views for their adventure session, and I did not let them down. At the time of writing this they have not yet seen their Montreal engagement photos, but have already told me they are more than impressed. We made many stops along the way of our climb up Mont-Saint-Grégoire, and I cannot wait to share this adventure session soon. My hat goes off to Yidan and Marc Andre for making it all the way to the top to take in a gorgeous view which was the highlight of my week.

Click through the images below to see more Montreal engagement photos and the view from the top. 

One of the reasons my couples love the unique engagement sessions I plan and organize for them is really simple, they are crazy busy planning their own weddings, and looking ahead to their one time celebration with the people they care about and love most. They want a break from it all, and look forward to this surprise. I want them to have the best time of their lives on their wedding day, and we almost never spend more than 30 minutes for their wedding day portraits. This is why their adventure session is so important for them. During this session we make time to drive out to somewhere new and unknown, and forget about the planning, schedules, costs, decisions, and everything else taking up all their time, and get back to why they celebrating in the first place. They found love, and this is their story. 

If you have a beautiful thing going and want to document your story, I want to hear from you. Get in touch with me using this form, and let's start planning your own adventure. 

Michelle & Mathieu - Oka Adventure Session

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We stepped out into the summer sun along a winding country highway in Oka, Quebec. While we walked away from the road Michelle and Mathieu shared stories of their Canadian adventures, living in the arctic, endless canoe trips along northern rivers, and lots of things I didn’t expect to hear. I love their adventurous spirit, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again next year for their wedding celebration. Here are just a few images from their adventure session in Oka, Quebec.