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A wedding with a historic Chebogue schoolhouse

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A few frames from a Nova Scotia Wedding @ the Shobac Cottages in Kingsburg, NS, with Abigail & Pete, from Brooklyn, NYC. The image top right is a restored historic Chebogue schoolhouse on land overlooking the Nova Scotia ocean coast, restored and designed by Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons - who's projects at Shobac earned prestigious recognition within his community, and this site is a must see within the Lunenberg county. Being invited and flown in to document the celebration, families, and closest friends of people like Abigail and Pete is why I love my job as a photographer. Being surrounded by the windswept hills, foggy terrain, and misty, rough coastline of this place is much more than inspirational. My best work comes from these opportunities, and I feel a huge sense of gratitude and thankfulness for being chosen by my clients to play a part in this moment. No pressure there :)

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