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Emerald Lake Lodge Elopement - Ashley & Scott

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Emerald Lake Lodge wedding elopement.jpg

I almost fell over from the sight and scale of this scene. Views like this one are somehow everywhere in the Canadian rockies, and throughout my short time in these mountains I was stopped in my tracks still, just looking in amazement at their size and scale. I’ve never felt so small. 

This was the day I met two adventurous Australians who wanted to elope in the Canadian Rockies, and flew me out there to meet them and help make that happen. We stayed in Lake Louise and made portraits there and explored the mountains surrounding Lake Moraine, Emerald Lake Lodge, and stopped many times along our drives to get out and wander through valleys, watch sleepy cargo trains slowly pass through, and elk wander past us.  Surprisingly to me, days before we met they visited a chapel in Disneyland LA, and were already married by the time we met for their Emerald Lake Lodge wedding photos. We went ahead with the shoot anyhow, as these became their honeymoon adventure images. With views like this I did not mind the opportunity at all. I could not be more happy to collaborate with adventurous couples that live for experiences like this.

What are you looking forward to? Where will your next adventure take you? What are you inspired by? 

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