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How do you want to remember your wedding day?

Micheal BeaulieuComment

Imagine your wedding is just recently over, you've had the time of your life, perhaps you've just returned from your honeymoon, life is really, really good. Now, how do you want to remember you wedding day? 

I have photographed lots and lots, and lots of weddings over the last five years. My favourite couples are having smaller, more intimate celebrations in non traditional wedding locations, and want to be surrounded by the people they love most. Weddings with less than 100 guests are my favourite, as I have the chance to meet, and speak with many of them throughout the day. As a photographer who shoots solo it is really important for me to make friends with the guests because my couples almost more than anything want beautiful portraits of their friends of family enjoying themselves more than formal photos of them standing side by side. 

I can create so many different looks within a tiny space, and all I need is 10 minutes to come away with images my couples are going to love, be surprised by, and want to share with the people they love too. I do loving shooting outdoors with beautiful views and wide open spaces but at the end of the day, the connection between people matters more to me than any ocean view. But heck, I’ll take that view if it’s there.