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Manor Hovey Wedding | Melissa & Allen

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Manoir Hovey destination wedding bride and groom portrait in North Hately, Quebec.jpg

This Manor Hovey Quebec Destination Wedding post is really a happy one for me, aside from the bride and groom portraits most images are paired together more like sketches of what's happening quietly in the corner of the room more than focusing exclusively on the main attraction. An image of someone nearly falling over, a sideways glance of an elegant and still flower arrangement, a plate with colourful, edible footprint left-overs resting on the table, a spontaneous toast from inside the garden, leaning in for a sweet embrace and a few close, private whispers, I really like these views, and from what Melissa and Allen asked me to do for them, I kept the frames casual, loose, and just followed a feeling for things all day. What do you think? Le Manor Hovey has always been a favourite location of mine, the waterside view from their suites are amazing, their staff and kitchen are top notch, and the guests love taking little walks through the grounds and garden. It's a real treat for out of town guests, and I can't say better things about a venue. 

A big thank you to the staff @ Manoir Hovey, and everyone that came together to help make this an amazing day. Do check out Manoir Hovey -  and of course  L'Abeille Fleuriste.