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Destination Château Ramezay Wedding | Cristina & Christopher | Montreal

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Château Ramezay destination wedding bride and groom portraits.jpg

Walking through the charming, open gardens of Le Château Ramezay was a dream that afternoon for me, Cristina and Christopher,  and their guests, who travelled far to celebrate their intimate destination wedding in Old Montreal. Without a doubt Cristina's Watter's wedding dress was admired and stole the show. 

A few words from Cristina, "when we were looking for a wedding photographer, we wanted someone who would capture the intimate and romantic feel of our wedding and we are so happy that we chose Micheal. Not only was he able to capture the big moments of the day, but he also managed to capture the emotion behind the moments. There was so much love and joy, and this comes through so clearly in our image collection. This is true not only in the photos of my husband and I but in the photos of our guests. I think that any good photographer can capture the love between a couple on their wedding day, but being able to capture these raw emotions in the guests is much rarer. These are moments that the couple misses on their wedding day and I am so happy that they were captured for me. The candid photos of my parents and my husband's grandmother are some of my favourite photos from that day. I cannot thank Micheal enough for these amazing gifts."

It was a beautiful night. A huge thank you to Maxine for the excellent design and planning which made that day amazing for everyone, myself included. If you are planning a Montreal destination wedding be sure to follow the links below and connect with some of the best people in town for your wedding day.

Ceremony - Château Ramezay, Catering - Les Demoiselle, Planning and flowers -A Gorgeous Fête, Music - Exclusive Event, Ceremony Venue - Vieux-Port Steakhouse, Make Up - Charlotte Marie Flanner.  

Montreal Portrait Photographer | Zofia

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Montreal editorial portrait of stylish female in front of window.jpg

Occasionally, life can be really, really good. During this time (hopefully as long as humanly possible), it's important to realize these good times for what they are, to be self aware, and to be thankful. It's also great to have a portrait of you that you're really proud, and hopefully, these portraits will capture a reflection of you now, in that moment, yet in the next breath also hint at where you're going next, taken somewhere in the middle of that 'can-do-no-wrong' time.

Meet my friend Zofia, she's a past client of mine, and also one of my favourite brides to date. Her Quebec vineyard wedding was a highlight of last summer, and I’ve know her and her sister (who did the excellent fashion styling for this shoot) for years. We recently got back in touch in order to document her Quebec vineyard wedding, and now again to create some editorial style portraits of her, looking fantastic, during a time that’s looking bright and gorgeous for her. A big thanks to our stylist Anne, and my assistant Marlow - for helping make this Montreal portrait shoot a great one. 

Editorial female portrait photographer montreal.jpg

Manor Hovey Wedding | Melissa & Allen

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Manoir Hovey destination wedding bride and groom portrait in North Hately, Quebec.jpg

This Manor Hovey Quebec Destination Wedding post is really a happy one for me, aside from the bride and groom portraits most images are paired together more like sketches of what's happening quietly in the corner of the room more than focusing exclusively on the main attraction. An image of someone nearly falling over, a sideways glance of an elegant and still flower arrangement, a plate with colourful, edible footprint left-overs resting on the table, a spontaneous toast from inside the garden, leaning in for a sweet embrace and a few close, private whispers, I really like these views, and from what Melissa and Allen asked me to do for them, I kept the frames casual, loose, and just followed a feeling for things all day. What do you think? Le Manor Hovey has always been a favourite location of mine, the waterside view from their suites are amazing, their staff and kitchen are top notch, and the guests love taking little walks through the grounds and garden. It's a real treat for out of town guests, and I can't say better things about a venue. 

A big thank you to the staff @ Manoir Hovey, and everyone that came together to help make this an amazing day. Do check out Manoir Hovey -  and of course  L'Abeille Fleuriste. 

Anna & Alain, a Montreal Family Portrait Session

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Montreal Family photo session by the water.jpg

I love being apart of wedding days, but, I think I love creating new family portraits even more. And you know why? This is a really special time in the lives of us parents, and our little ones. As a parent with two young boys of my own, I can honestly say raising children is by far the most challenging thing I have attempted to do, all wrapped up in daily high highs and low lows (for me at least). Our days and nights are busy, and never before have there been greater demands on the family. In a wonderful way life is a lot more complicated, yet throughout all of this there is lots and lots of laughs and love. As a family and as individuals, we grow together through the daily challenges, getting them dressed in the morning, finding lost mittens, endless bedtime stories, healing scrapped knees while learning how to ride bikes. We'll only have these young, tiny footprints for a little while, and it's so exciting to teach, watch, and laugh with our little ones who grow a little smarter and bigger everyday. What will our family look like twenty years from now? Who will our children grow up to be? What kind of relationships will we have with one another? I believe portraits of a family like these reveal a lot about who we are now, and who we will become. Everything is there. 

I truly love authentic feeling portraits of families at this time in their lives, especially moms. I have an infinite respect for the moms and dad's I’ve met and all the hard working parents out there, doing their best. Aside from a big, happy family portrait, I believe it’s most important for me to create honest and strong portraits of my clients as the unique, smart, beautiful people individuals they are, one on one, even just for a minute or two (and usually with kids running between my legs are pulling at my arms). 

If you would love a new portrait of your family be sure to get in touch and let me know what your family loves to do, and how you want to remember this time in life. Let's make it a great one. 

Château Frontenac Elopement - Quebec City wedding photography

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Château Frontenac Elopement wedding photos.jpg

This is one frame above from a really special day I spent with Stephanie and Chris, who travelled to Quebec City to elope at one of the most impressive, historic, and romantic destinations in the province, the Chateau Frontenac. The Château sits at the edge of the old city, and looks over the always fast moving Le Fleuve Saint-Laurent. The winter light was low and soft that afternoon which gave me a chance to use a very moody type of light which I love, and is shown in the photograph above. 

During the short time we spent together Stephanie, Chris, and I made portraits in the hotel's most gorgeous rooms, stairways, and corridors. The Fairmont staff were without a doubt the most accommodating and helpful I have come across of any hotel, and we thanked them all for their excellent work unlocking doors for us throughout the afternoon into evening.

Quebec City weddings are always really special and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to visit that city and meet new friends there soon. A big thank you to my new friends Stephanie and Chris while they fly back to Halifax as we speak. Below are a few more images from their Quebec City elopement

Colourful Indian Manoir Hovey Wedding | Natalie & Josh

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Natalie & Josh at Manor Hovey.  I love the english gardens and the lake front view. It's such a great scene for outdoor garden weddings. The celebration was expertly styled by Ottawa’s Shannon Kennedy @ Kennedy Event Planning, alongside Noah Venkatarangam for amazing bridal styling. Natalie is beyond stunning, and I cannot her and Josh enough for bringing me out to be there with them. Here is a small collection of Manoir Hovey wedding photos with Natalie & Josh. Do jump over and check out Shannon at Kennedy Event Planning in Ottawa, Manoir Hovey, and Noah Venkatarangam

Side note: I have been loving my Ontario couples this year, and want to link up a few more of those posts below.