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Wakefield Adventure Session, Eric & Lindsay, Engaged.

engaged, portraits, adventure sessionMicheal BeaulieuComment

I love to drive, and always look forward to a trip with a wide view. This session brought me back to Wakefield Quebec, for an adventure session with Lindsay and Jonathan. 

Much like these two, most of my clients live in cities abroad and their adventure session is often the first chance to meet in person, which is another reason I so look forward to these sessions. In true adventure style, my couples normally aren’t aware of where I’ll bring them for their session, but it was really nice to meet and be invited into Lindsay and Jonathan’s home, surrounded by shade, woods, boulders, and the kind of country quiet you miss 5 minutes after hitting the road back home.

We took our time walking through the windy fields, with the sun high and behind us. Here are just a handful of images from their Wakefield Adventure Session.