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Moving On Up

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Hey Guys ~ Big Announcement.

It's nearly summer time in Montreal and that means being outdoors a ton more, eating outside as often as possible, and roaming the streets with thousands of others taking it all a little easier. But seriously, what's one of the best areas of the city to do hang? Old Port. Naturally, I made sure my new office was right in the middle of it. 

Clients, friends, and colleagues, I'd like to invite you all to come visit me at my new office space in Montreal's Old Port. Floor two is all ours, and it's a gorgeous and bright space. I'm super thrilled my friends at RAP Design Studio invited me to share thier space and I couldn't ask for better place to work, meet clients at, and vibe off my crazy talented office mates. 

You’re always invited, so feel free to come on down to 467 Saint-François-Xavier (office 205), Montreal, H2Y2T1, Quebec, Canada. See you there ~