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Documentary Wedding Photography | an interview with Yorkplace Studios UK

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Hello allo -  Today I have another video interview for you, and the focus of this one is all centered around documentary wedding photography. It's a way of thinking and seeing many photographers use, yet brother and sister photography duo Dom and Liam, of Yorkplace Studios in the UK take it five steps further than anyone I know of. It's a great watch, and I'm sure you'll take away many tips to help you create images with more emotion and rawness than you have before. 

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How To Find The Right Wedding Photographer

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I've just written a helpful and easy to follow guide I hope will help engaged couples find a photographer that is perfect for them. Over the years I've talked with dozens and dozens of couples who gave up looking for a wedding photographer after looking everywhere with no success.

Can you relate to that? I totally get you, and I know that there are literally hundreds of photographers in any given city, and planning a wedding is already a big task as it is. You don't need any extra stress.

Take a minute to read my thoughts and insight in the guide here.  If you found it helpful please share it with anyone you know going through a similar situation because I've written this guide as a professional Montreal based wedding photographer in the industry for nearly a decade, and know this guide will save you time, energy, and potentially a bit of money. Actually, you might end up spending more money but that's probably a good thing in the end. 

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Montreal Portrait Photographer | Zofia

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Occasionally, life can be really, really good. During this time (hopefully as long as humanly possible), it's important to realize these good times for what they are, to be self aware, and to be thankful. It's also great to have a portrait of you that you're really proud, and hopefully, these portraits will capture a reflection of you now, in that moment, yet in the next breath also hint at where you're going next, taken somewhere in the middle of that 'can-do-no-wrong' time.

Meet my friend Zofia, she's a past client of mine, and also one of my favourite brides to date. Her Quebec vineyard wedding was a highlight of last summer, and I’ve know her and her sister (who did the excellent fashion styling for this shoot) for years. We recently got back in touch in order to document her Quebec vineyard wedding, and now again to create some editorial style portraits of her, looking fantastic, during a time that’s looking bright and gorgeous for her. A big thanks to our stylist Anne, and my assistant Marlow - for helping make this Montreal portrait shoot a great one. 

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New Beginnings

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One thing leads to another. One experience prepares you for the next. For 5 years I have photographed weddings. I still do not feel like a wedding photographer. Very often I feel that everything I had ever done with and experienced through photography was all in preparation for this moment (at your wedding). I feel that a wedding day, a day where all the people you love in the world are around you, is the perfect day to take risks, and play with chance. Through a creative collaboration with your photographer, you can make a statement about who you are, and what is most important to you. 

In many ways wedding photography (for the most part) could be, and should be, much more interesting, intimate, and honest. When I am at your wedding, I keep my equipment small, light, and nearly silent. Every experience of love, fear, excitement, and wonder I have felt, frames my interpretation of you, your guests, your wedding dress, the way you move, the way you hold your new husband close to you. I follow my instincts to anticipate beautiful and poetic moments. On a wedding day, these encounters are everywhere. These are the images I will to present to you. I want to help celebrate your joy, and new beginnings through photography. If you find that your mind keeps bringing you back to the images that you see within my work, then you found the right voice to document your celebration. 

This new website will be the place where my new work and direction within wedding photography will live. I have teamed up with an amazing design studio out of Portland called The Beauty Shop, which has very much helped me develop a new look and home for my work. The three icons below represent three continuing and strong themes throughout my work, and travels. I cannot thank my clients enough for putting their faith in me, and inviting me into their intimate celebrations. I am beyond excited to share more and more of my adventures with everyone here soon.