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Evermore Weddings & Events - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

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Evermore weddings & events, is my new favourite Ontario wedding venue, hands down. Located just south-west of Ottawa, this rustic, outdoor space is without a doubt the best place for couples looking for an gorgeous outdoor ceremony, spacious and green location for their family and guests, with cozy furniture all over the grounds, and better than excellent staff and service. I want to go back already. Check them out here -

The frame above is from Julia and Joe's recent wedding celebration, which was a truly beautiful day for everyone celebrating with them. I cannot wait to share more from this day, everything I love about being a portrait photographer was expressed that afternoon, and I promise you that you will love every bit of these two. I know how important family and guests are to an occasion such as this, and creating gorgeous, well crafted portraits of them enjoying themselves is something I focus on throughout the day. By proxy, my clients friends are just as important to me as they are, and the image collection I deliver to my clients is always full of well dressed and excited friends and family portraits.