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Intimate Le Vignoble de l'Orpailleur Wedding | Zofia & Marc

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Zofia & Marc @ Le Vignoble de l'Orpailleur. Sometimes things have a way of coming together so nicely. I spoke with old friends, new friends, saw babies of old friends, and there was a bit of magic everywhere that day. This was a vineyard wedding celebration with all the right elements to make it one to remember, great people, great location, amazing light. These frames are just a few of my favourites from their image collection. Zofia and Marc, I'm so happy for you two, I was cheering you just as loudly as everyone else, and still am. Thank you both x10. 

ps. their adventure session images were really special, check out their waterside Montreal adventure session here. 

pps. A few words from our bride, Zofia - "We were quite simply blown away and speechless when we saw the stunning pictures that Micheal took of us and of all the people who mean the world to us. I love the light and feel of all the pictures, and how Micheal fully captured... well, us... but in a way that I had never seen ourselves before. It was so moving to just be able to see our lives through such a beautiful, dreamy lens. They are actually the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. We were also super happy to have had an Adventure session with Micheal prior to our wedding. It was an amazing day... a magical escape that I would love to do again and again! 

Micheal you are an extremely talented, passionate person, and you were without a doubt the perfect photographer for us. By far the greatest gift my husband and I could have ever given each other and I’m really looking forward to having the luck to work with you in the future!" 

Event design - Katayoun Khatami of Unikevent