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I’m writing a book - creating images with purpose.

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Micheal Beaulieu - Montreal Wedding Photographer

You know a star when you see one. Natalie & Josh, two of the brightest in my book. This is one frame from their Manor Hovey Wedding photos. I am so passionate about photography that right now I am in the process of writing my own guide about the craft. I came across this image today while writing about the methods I use to move quickly when you have very little time to shoot, and more specifically, the benefit of starting with anchor shots, and moving along from there. This is an anchor shot I could build on, aentire session can be photographed from just a few movements of this starting point. To get early access to this guide sign up below and I’ll send you the first chapter as soon as it is ready to go. I know for sure that after following along with my guide you will have fresh solutions to approach your photography with a bright and excited perspective. 

I'll be providing an insight into to my own practices and methods of creating images with feeling and meaning, learn how to intimately connect with your subjects, and strengthen your ability to compose images with focus and purpose in busy and often complicated situations. I also explain why I believe photography is like a tennis match :) Sign up below and be one of the first to grab your copy.