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Montreal Adventure Session - Why this rocks.

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Creative Vancouver couple fly to Montreal for their Adventure Session in Mile End.

If you are reading this post chances are you're recently engaged, or in a serious relationship, which is an awesome 'life status' right? This is a really special time in your life, and it's a wonderful thing to have a few photographs of you and your partner that you're both really proud of, and that somehow capture 'you' and your personalities in an intimate and truly authentic way. 

Nearly every couple I've ever worked with at some point before their adventure session or wedding talk about feeling anxious in front of the camera. I usually hear something like this “I’m not a model, I’m super awkward in photos, I get scared as hell in front of the camera, what am I supposed to do with my hands? I never look as good in pictures as I do in real life” etc etc.. we love all your natural looking portraits, there gorgeous, but we are freaked out about out session”

Does this ever happen to you? You are in the middle of something awesome, at a really cool event, or laughing out loud, feeling awesome, and then, a friend tries to capture that moment and the second you see a camera pointed in your direction the fun’s over and you immediately become self conscious? How do we get around that?

Easy… no problem, my answer is really simple, look at the image above this text, we start dancing in the middle of the street and all fears will be forgotten, instantly. Then, we get to work by having fun without thinking about photography, fear is a thing of the past, and really, it's a little adventure with a camera somewhere in the mix.

Many of my couples fly across the country to shoot their sessions, and before they do I ask them one question, through your photos, how do you want to remember this time in your life? This is what my Adventure Sessions are all about. Giving you the images you’ve always wanted, images you can finally be proud of, and love to call your own. I’ve created lots of ways to make my couples feel totally comfortable with me minutes after meeting me, and all the fun, intimate expressions and looks you see in my portraits are my clients authentic and true reaction to me, no awkward poses here :)

(side note) One thing I like to do to break the ice is give my camera to the couple very early on in the session, and ask them to take each others portrait, anywhere, anyway they wish, which comes as a total surprise to them, but again it's about having fun, feeling a little vulnerable, and loving it in that moment. Great things begin from that point, and it's not even about photography anymore. 

If you are in a relationship, or engaged, and loving life right now take a second and think about this - through your photos, how do you want to remember this time in your life? 

Contact me here and let me know all about it. I can't wait to hear from you. 


Even better than beautiful.

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montreal wedding photographer

I took this photo of Sarah about 10 minutes after meeting her for the first time. I was a complete stranger to her family yet in 10 minutes I had already jumped on top of her parents bed, taken solo portraits of her mom and dad, and them posed together (they were so sweet) which was their first official portrait in more than 10 years, then I talked my way into getting some wonderfully warm and genuine expressions from Sarah. The point of this is.... the way I make portraits is fun, comes as a surprise, and feels like it's over before you know it even started. 

I know the crop on this photo could be better, but I'll take a real moment over a picture perfect staged expression anyday. I believe this is the single biggest issue I have with the majority of wedding photography today. Picture perfection. It's overrated, and no fun really. Do you want to be told where to stand, how to smile, and how high to jump, or would you have a better experience having the time of your life and fall in love all over again (while a camera is very casually yet carefully recording your most moving expressions throughout such a special occasion.)

There is an underlying feeling and humour, a spontaneous reaction mostly, throughout my portraits that most couples love and respond to when seeing my work for the first time. This is really just my personality reflected right back into the camera. I just love being there, at that moment, for them, and it shows.   

The more of myself I allow in the room, and the more I put my personality out there, the more likely my photographs reflect my personality through you. This is a really fun way to work with couples, as it removes almost all of the pressure off of them, and brings out the very best in people after only a few minutes of meeting each other. The frame above is a very early shot from a Entrepôts Dominion Wedding I was invited to photograph. Sarah was just the sweetest, I know you are going to love seeing more images from her wedding including her handsome man Steve very soon. 

Check out one of the best wedding venues in Montreal - Entrepôts Dominion website here. 



I’m writing a book - creating images with purpose.

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Micheal Beaulieu - Montreal Wedding Photographer

You know a star when you see one. Natalie & Josh, two of the brightest in my book. This is one frame from their Manor Hovey Wedding photos. I am so passionate about photography that right now I am in the process of writing my own guide about the craft. I came across this image today while writing about the methods I use to move quickly when you have very little time to shoot, and more specifically, the benefit of starting with anchor shots, and moving along from there. This is an anchor shot I could build on, aentire session can be photographed from just a few movements of this starting point. To get early access to this guide sign up below and I’ll send you the first chapter as soon as it is ready to go. I know for sure that after following along with my guide you will have fresh solutions to approach your photography with a bright and excited perspective. 

I'll be providing an insight into to my own practices and methods of creating images with feeling and meaning, learn how to intimately connect with your subjects, and strengthen your ability to compose images with focus and purpose in busy and often complicated situations. I also explain why I believe photography is like a tennis match :) Sign up below and be one of the first to grab your copy.