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Evermore Wedding Photographer | Julia & Joseph

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Julia and Joseph were married at a my new favourite venue, Evermore Weddings & Events, which is located on 45 gorgeous acres of farmland in Almonte, Ontario. Their celebration brought together their family and friends for a summertime outdoor wedding ceremony just a short drive from Ottawa, the city where Julia grew up before moving to NYC, where she met and fell in love with Joseph. Many close friends and family made the journey up from the states on one of the hottest days of the year, and surely one of the best days of the summer for everyone there.

The wide, open fields surrounding the farm were gorgeous, and perfect for Evermore wedding photos, but the family, guests, and excellent musical performance by Pleasure Craft (think of the ultimate 70's smooth rock party vibe) made that evening such a special one. Congratulations to you Julia and Joseph, unlimited love to you both. 

I am so drawn to intimate outdoor celebrations like this one and others you can read about here, where the elegance is pure yet understated, decor is rustic and warm, smiles are everywhere all day, and best friends fly in from far away. The views around here are like a song. A big thanks to: Pleasurecraft & Evermore Weddings, and my travel partner Marlow for having my back and bringing that special foto-mojo.

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