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Your friends are my friends.

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I am a Montreal based Wedding Photographer that believes in the power of prints and portraiture. In my opinion, weddings are not about flowers or fancy things ~ weddings are about people, the ones you love most. As a photographer I'm most drawn to strong and simple portraits of nothing more than a great face captured in a way that is direct, classic, elegant, black and white, and framed within a strong square. These images will never, ever get old. Your wedding day image collection I always deliver will include many great portraits like this, and it's my passion to bring out the best in whomever I ask to sit for a portrait. 

How can my friends and family get these photos? All the portraits and family portraits from your wedding can be easily ordered through my galleries site, and printed on some of the best archival papers in the world. I'm always more than excited for my clients to recieve their prints, and thrilled to package their portraits.

You just can’t fake a genuine smile, and these guys look pretty happy right :) Each of the portraits above happen 100% spontaneously, and took less than one minute to make from start to finish. The hardest thing about getting great expressions out of complete strangers is deciding on which joke to start the conversation with. 

Another reason I make portraits of your family and guests in this way is because they are all part of your family, and family is the most important thing. I know it's your wedding day, and everyone is there to celebrate the new beginning and life you are starting together, and that is wonderful, but, if your wedding collection images were focused solely on just you and the love of your life ~ something huge would be missing. The visual expressions of their energy, excitement, joy, laughs, tears, every arm that embraced you that day, and every smile that made you smile, the bigger picture right? The people you love most in the world right? The people that helped make your celebration amazing right? I am there to help make your celebration as amazing as it should be too, so get ready for lot's of smiling faces in your mailbox soon, there are plenty more on the way. 

ps. if you are engaged and planning your wedding click this link to get in touch, and tell me all about your story and wedding inspiration. How you want to remember your wedding day. ~