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Downtown Montreal Adventure Session | Jessica & Ken

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#Makingmagic all over town that evening with Jessica and Ken. In nearly ten years of working with couples, I've never seen two people stopped more times by strangers on the street for autographs, a quick selfie snap, and general praise and interest than Jessica and Ken. Their Montreal Adventure Session was full of surprises, and it didn't take long to understand these two have a crazy-fun level of energy I can't wait to witness again on thier upcoming wedding day. #BaBam. 

Ice Cream Adventure Session | Katrina & LP

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It's a fact ~ a heatwave couldn't stop these two from getting tangled up. Katrina & LP travelled from their home in Brooklyn to finish up wedding preparations in advance of their upcoming party time, and the weather couldn' have been hotter. On the Brooklyn side LP is keeping it fresh at The Fader, and Katrina is uping the quality over at TED. Whoa!

Lucky for us the Parc Ave Dairy Queen was fully stocked, and we ordered a few chocolate dipped cones to make the most of the hazy, humid evening that was last Sunday, aka Montreal engagement session

These two winners are fantastic.

If you are engaged or perhaps hitting the ice cream lineup with someone you love? that's awesome! You need a record of these days. Take a minute to learn more about my adventure sessions here, or check out some previous sessions below.  

Montreal Adventure Session | Alex & Manuel

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This was one Adventure Session I was super looking forward to. Not only are Alex and Manuel planning their wedding day celebration at Grumman 78, one of Montreal's most hip and delicious restaurants famous for it's lime-green taco truck, but they are also self confessed film geeks, lovers of all things tv, bike rides, and huge fans of Montreal. Yup, this was a good one. Elyna (unity weddings) and I are planning on taking real good care of these two. Come back soon guys!!


Montreal Adventure Session, Gabrielle & David

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Meet Gabrielle & David, fresh off their flight from Vancouver to celebrate with friends in West Brome for their Montreal destination wedding this weekend. We roamed through the hills on Mont Royal, strolled along Avenue du Parc, and ran through traffic often. Here are a few images from that evening. Isn't she stunning though? I truly can't wait to meet with them again soon, this one's going to be something. 

Hudson Adventure Session, Alanna & Dan engaged.

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Take a minute to meet Alanna & Dan. In just a short while people from all over the world will be reunited to watch Alanna and Dan celebrate their wedding day in the sunny backyard of her childhood home. From the sounds of things this is going to be epic, and I can't wait to be there for them and their closest friends and family. We shot this adventure session in locations around Montreal, and Hudson Quebec, and were lucky to have the weather on our side that day. ps You gotta love Alanna's jacket and jewellery right, aren't these two gorgeous together?

Montreal Adventure Session | Mont-Saint-Grégoire |The view from here.

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These are just a few frames from a recent Montreal adventure session at Mont-Saint-Grégoire with Ola and Gabrielle. Our slow climb to the top was fairly easy, lots of stories were exchanged along the way, and the view at the peak was timed perfectly. We arrived just as the sun was dipping behind another mountain just a few miles away. If you love that beautiful, luminous, and soft/grainy look of film you will be in luck since the majority of my adventure sessions and weddings will again be shot on film for 2016.