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I took this photo of Sarah about 10 minutes after meeting her for the first time. I was a complete stranger to her family yet in 10 minutes I had already jumped on top of her parents bed, taken solo portraits of her mom and dad, and them posed together (they were so sweet) which was their first official portrait in more than 10 years, then I talked my way into getting some wonderfully warm and genuine expressions from Sarah. The point of this is.... the way I make portraits is fun, comes as a surprise, and feels like it's over before you know it even started. 

I know the crop on this photo could be better, but I'll take a real moment over a picture perfect staged expression anyday. I believe this is the single biggest issue I have with the majority of wedding photography today. Picture perfection. It's overrated, and no fun really. Do you want to be told where to stand, how to smile, and how high to jump, or would you have a better experience having the time of your life and fall in love all over again (while a camera is very casually yet carefully recording your most moving expressions throughout such a special occasion.)

There is an underlying feeling and humour, a spontaneous reaction mostly, throughout my portraits that most couples love and respond to when seeing my work for the first time. This is really just my personality reflected right back into the camera. I just love being there, at that moment, for them, and it shows.   

The more of myself I allow in the room, and the more I put my personality out there, the more likely my photographs reflect my personality through you. This is a really fun way to work with couples, as it removes almost all of the pressure off of them, and brings out the very best in people after only a few minutes of meeting each other. The frame above is a very early shot from a Entrepôts Dominion Wedding I was invited to photograph. Sarah was just the sweetest, I know you are going to love seeing more images from her wedding including her handsome man Steve very soon. 

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