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Montreal Portrait Photographer | Zofia

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Occasionally, life can be really, really good. During this time (hopefully as long as humanly possible), it's important to realize these good times for what they are, to be self aware, and to be thankful. It's also great to have a portrait of you that you're really proud, and hopefully, these portraits will capture a reflection of you now, in that moment, yet in the next breath also hint at where you're going next, taken somewhere in the middle of that 'can-do-no-wrong' time.

Meet my friend Zofia, she's a past client of mine, and also one of my favourite brides to date. Her Quebec vineyard wedding was a highlight of last summer, and I’ve know her and her sister (who did the excellent fashion styling for this shoot) for years. We recently got back in touch in order to document her Quebec vineyard wedding, and now again to create some editorial style portraits of her, looking fantastic, during a time that’s looking bright and gorgeous for her. A big thanks to our stylist Anne, and my assistant Marlow - for helping make this Montreal portrait shoot a great one. 

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