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Château Frontenac Elopement - Quebec City wedding photography

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Château Frontenac Elopement wedding photos.jpg

This is one frame above from a really special day I spent with Stephanie and Chris, who travelled to Quebec City to elope at one of the most impressive, historic, and romantic destinations in the province, the Chateau Frontenac. The Château sits at the edge of the old city, and looks over the always fast moving Le Fleuve Saint-Laurent. The winter light was low and soft that afternoon which gave me a chance to use a very moody type of light which I love, and is shown in the photograph above. 

During the short time we spent together Stephanie, Chris, and I made portraits in the hotel's most gorgeous rooms, stairways, and corridors. The Fairmont staff were without a doubt the most accommodating and helpful I have come across of any hotel, and we thanked them all for their excellent work unlocking doors for us throughout the afternoon into evening.

Quebec City weddings are always really special and I cannot wait for the next opportunity to visit that city and meet new friends there soon. A big thank you to my new friends Stephanie and Chris while they fly back to Halifax as we speak. Below are a few more images from their Quebec City elopement